What I do

The massage services I offer include:

 Relaxation- the typical “Swedish” massage, utilizing long, flowing strokes, kneading, compression, and more; excellent for relaxation and stress relief.

♥ Therapeutic- a session combining Swedish massage and one or more additional modalities, such as myofascial release, deep tissue, trigger point, and more. A great choice when you have more focused areas of concern, such as “back, neck, and shoulders”, “TMJ”, “Sciatic pain”, “a crick in the neck”, etc..

♥ Prenatal- a safe, relaxing massage specially designed to maximize relief from stress, tension, and the aches and pains that typically come with pregnancy.

♥ Oncology- a session specially designed for the client at any stage of the cancer journey: from diagnosis, through treatment and recovery, and beyond. My oncology massage training has also equipped me to work with clients long after treatment has ended, as certain elements of the disease and/or treatment can have lingering effects which need to be considered for safety.

♥ Senior- a gentle, comforting massage designed specifically for the elder population, taking into consideration past and current medical conditions, medications and their side effects, and how the aging process affects each unique, individual person.

♥ Massage for the Burn Survivor- a safe, compassionate session designed specifically to address the needs of the burn survivor. Whether scars affect a single area or the majority of the body, this session will provide the stress relief you need with the adjustments you need to avoid further damaging delicate scar tissue.


Further information on the individual modalities (“types” or techniques of massage) that I include in my sessions, as well as the special populations I serve, will be included in various blog posts and other pages on this web site, as I am able to work on it.